19 February 2009

Logic of Days

Well, after four days, numerous distractions both real and literary and a very nasty sinus infection that still hasn't gone away, I've got my track to a place where I feel like I can leave it for a few days and come back to fiddle around with a few minor tweeks, but essentially nothing more major is left to do.

I've always been a big fan of Tuavan throat singing, especially the group harmonics that combine to create a wall of sound that you feel as much as you hear. This is kinda the thing I was trying for with this track, and it sounds better with a good set of headphones as you can really feel it in your head then.

Everything is done with just a Tenori-On controlling an Access Virus via Midi, and the Tenori-On on its own with a few user-created distorted vocal samples. Theoretically this could be played live, but you would need two Virus units as there are at least eight separate voices in play, and each Virus only has 4. It was interesting loading up vocal samples and controlling them in sequencer-mode, everyday I find it harder and harder to wonder what I did with out my little gray square of Tenori-On goodness.

Somehow I don't think I'll make an album's worth this month (sorry RPM Challenge, for yet another year), but its a start.

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