14 January 2009

Woke up this morning feeling fine

Today is a good day, in fact a great day. I feel compelled to write about it even though the day's events will be of little interest to anyone who is not me (or possibly The Very Understanding Girlfriend).

The day began with the postman arriving with a present from my sister, a Wattson, an electricity monitor that connects wirelessly to both an external display and your computer and tells you how much power you are using throughout the house and the associated cost at any given time. What I love about it is that DIY Kyoto, the designers, will be releasing online tools that will let you embed a feed from your monitor into any website to provide realtime energy usage data. Being smug and Green has never been so easy.

Secondly, our pieces by Fernando Marti and Ala Ebtakar arrived from the Meridian Gallery in San Francisco via FedEx this morning in perfect condition. We've been waiting for these since September and they are even more amazing (and larger) than I remember. I'll put up some photos when we get them up on the wall.

Finally I had a call with the mortgage company just before lunch. We've been on a two year fixed rate mortgage (at 4.59%), and have been very concerned what was going to happen at the end of February when the two years are up, given the volatility of the lending market. I had assumed that we would switch over to the standard rate (currently at 4.24%) which would have given us some monthly savings. However it turns out that Dave C, our friend and former mortgage broker, managed to secure a plan that now switches us over to a Tracker, which is set at 1.25% above ECB (currently at 2.5%), so today would work out at a rate of 3.75%. This is big news for us, for not only are Tracker mortgages as dead as the dinosaurs and impossible to come by now, this will mean huge monthly savings in our repayments.

Also, I finally finished "Omnivores Dilemma", so I can stop worrying about every bite of food I eat and take up worrying about politics and the economy once more.

All in all, today was a very good day.



At 11:05 pm, Blogger Niall Murphy said...

Must borrow that from you at some stage.


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