18 January 2009

This is what democracy feels like

Arrived into Washington Dulles airport yesterday at 3pm. Exited Washington Dulles airport at 5pm.

It took almost two hours for the Very Understanding Girlfriend and I to clear immigration, so large were the crowds coming for the inauguration. Despite travelling on a US passport, I was not immune to the 3rd degree response from the men and women of the US customs and border control, and faced a series of questions around my occupation and employer ("It's complicated. Don't you read my blog?", I failed to ask).

The Very Understanding Girlfriend took an hour longer in the 'visitors' queue, which left me standing around the luggage carousel with nothing to do except throw the occasional "hujambo!"* in the direction of the visiting Kenyan dignitaries, including one Auma Obama, grandmother of the President-Elect. I managed to surreptitiously snap a photo or two on my iPhone, overcoming the feelings of disgust and self-loathing at being a dirty paparazzi.

We then met up with our good friend Agent Laroo, who despite being rather pregnant has opened up her house to us for the duration of our stay. Had a great night with her, her husband and their 3-year old daughter before passing out from exhaustion at the respectable hour of 9pm. We're off now to spend the day at the Mall where a massive free concert is taking place.

Its 1C and snowing.

Apparently 'Freezing my arse off' is what Democracy feels like.

* Swahili for "hello!", given the fact that the only other Swahili I know are the words for 'lover' and 'teacher', I thought it the safest course of action.

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At 11:10 pm, Blogger Felix said...

Amazing to read up on your trip to DC! What a monumental and epic thing to witness and be present to...


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