17 January 2009

Mr Dave goes to Washington

Just about to head off to the airport. In DC until Wednesday, New York until Friday morning, the 'Have on Friday and Saturday and home again on Sunday. I am carrying only the essentials (EEE PC, iPhone, Camera, 1933 edition of "The Political Madhouse In America and Nearer Home" by GB Shaw), and should have access to wi-fi pretty much throughout. Even so posting might be sporadic for the next few days, normal service will be resumed once Hope has been restored to the masses.

If you are watching it all on TV, I'm the one in the dark green coat, brown hat and Guinness scarf. I wanted to bring my purple lightsaber so I would be instantly recognizable in any scenes of epic battle, but was reliably informed that the Secret Service would frown upon such things.

Seriously folks, I'm as giddy as an eight year-old on Christmas Eve.

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At 1:03 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Why exactly are you going over there? Did I miss something?


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