10 January 2009

Light one candle for all we believe in

Went into a candlelit protest last night organized by Amnesty International, in memory of all the victims of the current conflict in Gaza and southern Israel.

Billed as a 'non-political' protest calling on both sides to end their actions, and for the Irish and US governments to acknowledge their own responsibilities, it was held at the entrance to Stephen's Green in bitterly cold temperatures that did nothing to stop people turning up in their hundreds to express solidarity with the victims on both sides. Members of the public were encouraged to light a candle and add it to an ever growing spiral of light, one for each victim so far, although to be fair it is hard to express solidarity equally when between 600 and 800 Palestinians have been killed and less then 15 Israelis have died.

By the end of the evening over 600 candles had been lit and the crowd was at least a hundred larger than that over the course of the hour long silent event.

Very dignified.

You can visit the Amnesty Ireland site to find out how to take the following actions:
1) Email the Israeli Embassy to call for an end to the unlawful targeting of civilians in Gaza

2) Call on Hamas to cease firing from behind residential homes in Gaza and stop the unlawful targeting of Israeli civilians

3) Call on the US Embassy to recognise the responsibility of the US Government

4) Call on the Taoiseach to use all diplomatic measures at his disposal to end the crisis
Amnesty Ireland

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