09 January 2009

Ice, Ice, baby

Its been pretty cold these last few days, nothing like the record lows in the UK, and certainly nothing like the icy winter chill that has millions across Europe in its grip, compounded by Gazprom's arbitrary decision to cut off Natural Gas supplies to most of Central and Eastern Europe.

Nonetheless it has been cold enough to freeze rivers, lakes, the seashore (in places) and the odd water feature or two that still dots the urban landscape. I got up this morning to take a walk and try and photograph some of this before it all melted away, but was alas a day too late.

Still, it was nice having the Iveagh Gardens to myself this morning, and I put a few of the photos up anyway.

I've also been using Picasa 3.0 (beta) for the Mac. I've used PicasaWeb (rather than Flickr) for some time, but the lack of a Mac version of the desktop application meant that I was stuck using iPhoto for arrangement and viewing. Released just before this week's MacWorld, I''m pretty happy with Picasa so far, though I haven't really used too many of the features save the integration with PicasaWeb and Blogger. I'm in the process of transferring all my photos from my MBP to my iMac, and I have found that Picasa is much faster and more responsive than iPhoto.

All of this is good news as I try to do something a bit more creative with my photos. Not sure what that is yet though, but when I am, its comforting to know that I can do it quicker.

Its also very sad that I find that comforting.



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