17 November 2008

We'd laugh and joke and smoke

Saturday saw the Very Understanding Girlfriend (recently returned from Uganda) and I dust off our Playa gear* and head down to the Tivoli for 'Smokin' Craic', the Dublin Burning Man Decompression event. With about 100 Burners and non-Burners in attendance the event featured live music, DJs, poetry, fire-jugglers, audience participation and costumes a'plenty.

A mini-camp had been erected inside and out with geodesic domes, cushions, face-painting, costume outfitters, fire-jugglers and the requisite platform-on-shaky-scaffolding-with-couch, though unlike a real Burning camp all the sharp edges had been thoughtfully wrapped in bubble-wrap. All that was missing were the seven hour queues to get in, the heady smell of gasoline, tricked out bicycles, and an unfortunate over-abundance of male genitalia/flannel shirts combos. Curiously enough when we offered the barman a hug and a few lines of poetry in return for our beers, the response was less than positive. Not Cool.

Kudos to the organisers, and really good to see a participatory event like this happening in the usually uber-commercialised environment that is Dublin.

*Big mistake. We hadn't actually taken our Playa gear out of our HazMat bags since we got home, and now our apartment is coated in a few inches of the finest dust the deserts of Black Rock, Nevada have to offer. We can't open a window for fear of creating a white out.

Photos of 'Smokin' Craic'


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