03 November 2008

After all he's just a man

I am so excited about tomorrow, I don't think I'll be able to sleep, today is like Christmas Eve for unReal Americans. I'm going to go along tomorrow night to the Democrats Abroad election party, though it'll probably end before a result is known given that California polls don't close until 4am Wednesday morning Dublin time.

The biggest cause for concern will be voter caging and electronic voting machine failures on the day. Already in those states with early voting numerous cases of votes being misregistered (usually Obama votes being switched for McCain votes) or not registered at all have come to light, it even happened to Oprah!

The large number of stories circulating in the media about the so called Bradley Effect, whereby people tell pollsters that they will vote for a non-white candidate so as not to appear racist, but in the privacy of the polling booth go with their bigotry, seems to me to be all about building a smoke screen to hide the massive amounts of voter fraud that may be perpetrated in battleground states tomorrow. If McCain does better than expected pundits will ascribe it to the Bradley Effect, rather than investigating Republican dirty tricks and the unreliability of Diebold and other electronic voting machines.

An Obama victory is by no means certain at this stage. The Republicans have stolen at least one election in recent years, and given the era of godless communism (or at the least secular socialism) that an Obama victory will usher in, at this stage they might as well go all in.

However before we all get sucked in to the myth that tomorrow will change the world, we must remember that Obama is just a politician. He is certainly the lesser of two evils, but is still pro-nuclear power, pro-clean coal, pro-offshore drilling, and pro-war in Afghanistan. By European standards he is a conservative, and it is only by comparison to the American right that he appears at all left-leaning.

With that caveat in mind, after eight years of rule by neo-con oligarchs and the rise of the Christian right we need an Obama victory to restore a sense of justice, equality and humanity to America.


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