27 October 2008

with the light brown hare

Just back from a very enjoyable Bank Holiday Sunday spent with Messrs Alex and Donn from Pixelapes. A small get together brought friends from across the country and beyond to ruralest Longford for a rather nice dinner and some hard core Tenori-On action.

Mr Alex had just finished work on the score for a short film, and his current musical setup (above) was the starting point for a long night of live blips and beeps as everyone marvelled at just how easy it was to start making tunes on the Tenori-On, and just how difficult it was to prise it from the cold grey hands of someone once they started.

Despite the fact that the majority of folks there were die-hard vegetarians, a hare supplied* by An Snag Brac provided as much wonder over the course of the evening as did my Japanese box of delights, leading to a plethora of bad puns dredged up from half-remembered Bugs Bunny cartoons from when we were very, very young. Although I did not partake of the hare, those that did found it to be quite tasty, especially the cats.

The following are the things that I have learned in Longford:
1) Everyone can play the Tenori-On better than me
2) Everyone in the country lives in giant mansions
3) Cats love Hare more than Tenori-On

* Although I will not elaborate as to how the hare was sourced, I will say that truthfully no animals were harmed in the process. The harm had occurred independent of, and prior to, sourcing, and thus the sourcing should be considered akin to recycling.


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