25 October 2008

A ring ding ding ding ding

Taking a look at the traffic report for my blog over the last 4 weeks shows a few interesting developments. With the launch of Firefox 3 it looks like Camino users (previously 13% of traffic) have migrated, given the complete disappearance of the browser in recent weeks and the increase in Firefox/Mac from 19% at the end of June to almost 34% of current traffic. It will be interesting to see if users migrate back with the alpha release of Camino 2.0, which I've been using for a day or so myself now and am liking it a lot. Firefox/Windows remains about the same, as does Safari/Mac. Although launched with a great fanfare Google's Chrome browser accounts for only about 1% of traffic to my site.

Of interest to me at the moment is the fact that mobile traffic (Safari iPhone/iPod and Opera) accounts for 5% of all traffic. The disadvantage of viewing my site on an iPhone is that some of the content is flash based, and so this shows up as a load of broken links and empty space.

With that in mind I have launched a new mobile version of the blog using Mofuse's platform. Basically Mofuse takes one or more RSS feeds and turns them into a mobile-friendly site, allowing a certain degree of customization including custom domains. It also automatically optimizes the page when viewed by an iPhone (see preview here), and allows you to create your own icon for the site if someone chooses to bookmark it on their iPhone's home screen. Its a free service, their revenue model is based around shared AdSense real-estate, rotating their ad placement on your mobile site with your own ads, but you have the option to switch ads off altogether.

I tried setting up a mobile version of the blog a few years ago, with an Irish company Zinadoo, but that required manually posting new content onto a separately branded Zinadoo mobile site. Mofuse's selling point is that once the site is created, you can forget about it as the RSS feed takes care of all the updating for you.

Which is good, because I'm pretty lazy.

mBooming Back - the mobile site, best viewed on your phone


At 12:46 pm, Blogger Justin said...

Hi Unkie Dave

good to see you're giong mobile, even if you need a lazy version!

Which brings me on to this - I hope its okay to mention too that Mippin offers a very similar service to Mofuse -

www.mippin.com/mobilizer -

where we mobilize blogs / RSS and provide customisation tools to accompany the process (so you can brand your mobile site like your blog).

One or two features we also offer are a huge number of existing mobile interent users, so that once your site is published in to a mobile version, it's listed on the http://Mippin.com mobile site where there is one of the largest number of mobile users of any site in the USA or UK. More users for more lazyness!

Finally we've just launched some cool new social software which enables users with interests in your blog to be put directly in touch with your blog! You should try it. We also made an Oscar winning (?) video about our social features here:

- http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2jN11kwrGro

Just a bit of fun but hopefully it explains the concept. Eseentially we do all the hardwork while your blog is p,roted to the right people. Let us know what you think!


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