31 October 2008

Fire, I'll take you to learn

Yesterday saw an unexpected trip to the Dublin mountains courtesy of Mr Ross who was down for the day. We took short hike up to the HellFire Club, the ruins of an 18th century hunting lodge with a reputation in the popular imagination for scandalous goings on and visitations from the devil. Whilst we saw no signs of anything more infernal than a plastic Halloween toy left by some kids in an alcove, we did see plenty of deer on the hike down, who seemed unusually curious about us and paused to watch us with great interest.

Though the views over the city were spectacular the day was far too overcast to take any decent photos. However the overexposure in those that I did take allows me the fun of applying cheesy filters to them to create a few "I-can't-believe-they're-not-spooky" photos of the ruined lodge. I couldn't bring myself to do the same to Bambi and his family, because that's just not right.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Photos of the Hellfire club, cute deer, panoramas of Dublin
Video of two deer


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