29 September 2008

Sus mentiras de destruccion

Just picked up 'Radio Retaliation', Thievery Corporation's new album and their first studio album in three years. I have it on rotation in the background, and while so far I can't say there's a single track that stands out above the others, its a solid piece of work. Featuring vocals from folks like Femi Kuti and Seu Jorge (who embarrassingly enough I first got to know because of his covers of David Bowie songs in Portuguese in 'The Life Aquatic') it is definitely far more of a World Music sound than any of their previous work.

'Radio Retaliation' is also far more political than some of their other work ('El Pueblo Unido' and "Shining Path" being two of the tracks, Femi Kuti's contribution 'Vampires' attacks the IMF and others in Africa), and this is reflected in the amazing packaging. If you are thinking of getting this, buy the CD, don't go for the download. The CD comes in a corrugated cardboard cover with an image undeniably inspired by Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, and the gatefold opens up into a massive two sided poster covered in art and text depicting revolution and revolutionaries. Simply amazing looking.

Thievery Corporation have long been one of my favourites, and I have fond memories of an incongruous night spent in one of their DC clubs with a few good friends. I wouldn't get this as an introduction to their sound, for that you should check out 'The Mirror Conspiracy' or 'Sounds from the Thievery HiFi', but this will probably make my list of ten best albums of the year, if I was anal enough to compile such a list.

Which I might be.

'Radio Retaliation' - Thievery Corporation


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