24 September 2008

Can I be electric too?

Seen on the streets of Dublin this evening, two brand spanking new electric cars. GreenAir distribute the REVAi fully electric car (none of your hybrid nonsense here my friends), with a fantastic top speed of 75km/hr and a range of 80km on a full charge, it seats two and they say total recharging costs would be around €200/year.

GreenAir are currently lobbying the government and Dublin Corporation to introduce recharging stations around the city and give free parking for electric vehicles. I can see some recharging stations being introduced in a few select locations that just happen to be used frequently in television footage (like the twenty foot long cycle lane in front of the Four Courts that just happened to begin and end slightly off camera), but can't really see them going for free parking given the premium parking spaces are at in this city.

Will the Irish public go for this? Only time will tell; you can see quite a few in London but there are far more city dwellers there, in comparison to Dublin's epic suburban blight. I, alas, will not be getting one, given the lack of parking where I live recharging would involve running an extension cord out the window, down a few stories and on to the end of the street and hoping that the local youth and transient drinkers would let me keep it plugged in, unmolested, for eight hours.

And in this city, that is less likely than the arrival of electric cars in the first place.


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