08 September 2008

battery is found in me

Grrr. Apparently while I was away for 5 weeks and my laptop sat switched off and unplugged on my desk, in average temperatures of 14C, the battery decided to burst. Apple MacBook Pro batteries have a habit of catching fire, exploding, and expanding and bursting in the heat, but I had not heard of one expanding spontaneously when not in use for over 5 weeks!

I can still run the laptop on AC, and I'm phoning Apple tomorrow to try and get a replacement, but given the fact that the laptop is two+ years old at this stage I'm expecting to be €139 out of luck given my previous experience with Apple customer care. I'm not alone with this problem in Ireland, as Apple's own product page for the replacement battery can attest, and it is another nail in the coffin for me as far as Appledom is concerned.

I'm just pretty sick and tired of them pushing out substandard products year after year.


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