11 July 2008

Return to sender

After four years in the internet business, you would think that I would understand some of the key basics of internet operation, like how to use email.

A friend's email address book was hijacked this morning, and a spam mail sent out to everyone in their contacts. I felt in a jovial mood and thought I would overcome my embarrasement at not being in better touch buy replying to them, and use it as a starting point for getting back in regular contact. They read my blog, I read theirs, but that's passive contact, a lazy, lazy way to feel like you still have friends. So I wrote a quick email, as follows:
"You have probably got a million of these emails already and I wasn't going to reply, but then I thought that what if everyone on this list is also assuming that someone else is going to reply, and then nobody does! Looks like your mail got hijacked, something on a website, or something you downloaded rifled through your address book and spammed everyone.

Oh dear.

Still, nice to hear from you. I do think its a pity that its taken spam to get me off my backside and email you, but then again, as your imaginary Jewish mother would no doubt say, what am I, chopped liver? It would be nice to hear from you once in a while, not like your sister Marge, she's always on the phone, day and night. She's such a good girl. Why can't you be more like Marge?

Anyway, hope all is well with you and yours, and maybe I will be encouraged by this to mail you with something more substantial."
...and then I hit "reply-to-all", spamming every person in their contacts, again.

While publicly admonishing them.


I have made quite a few new friends this morning, all of whom agree that this person needs to be in touch more. Which is nice.

I hope that everyone else sees the silver lining in this unfortunate episode.

Or have better spam filters.


At 6:06 pm, Blogger Kate said...

unkiedave, I gave tears, real tears streaming down my face I laughed so hard at this.

Thank you, you've made my weekend!

At 6:56 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

I have been telling anyone and everyone about this as a form of catharsis, what The Very Understanding Girlfriend calls 'Reclaiming the Shame'; if I publicly take ownership of it then it will no longer embarrass me and the pain will lessen.

I hope.


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