07 June 2008

Please could you stop the noise

Went to Radiohead last night at Malahide castle, pretty amazing gig. About an hour or so before we were supposed to go, the skies darkened and a huge thunderstorm passed overhead, drenching everything in sight. By the time we got out to Malahide, and after taking almost an hour to get from the dart to the entrance itself (only 150 meters away according to the sign), we were greeted with a clearing sky and a huge double rainbow.

We arrived shortly before they were due to start, deliberately skipping the support (Bat for Lashes, not that I have anything against them, I'm just not 17), pausing only to by assorted concert paraphernalia and memorabilia including (but not limited to) t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles, actual plastic bottles, and a scarf (the Very Understanding Girlfriend's purchase of course), before settling down in front of the sound desk for the gig.

And what a gig it was; 2 hours of mostly recent material, playing basically all of 'In Rainbows', and the odd other track (see below, though I may have the order wrong), including an amazing version of 'Pyramid Song' that sent shivers through me. The crowd was great, almost no karaoke singing which made it much more enjoyable for the rest of us. The stage was interesting, with multiple cameras close to all the band, projected up in split screen format behind them and on either side of the stage, making the whole show very like watching the Scotch Mist film; combined with the attentiveness of the crowd this actually made the gig seem very intimate, surprising for a giant outdoor concert. Two encores were played, including one new song, 'Super Collider', with just Thom Yorke playing unaccompanied on his upright piano, before finishing up on a fantastic crowd pleasing "Paranoid Android".

All in all a fantastic time was had by all. In fact The Very Understanding Girlfriend, who has seen them a few times, said this was possibly the best ever.

Which is nice.

Main Set
All I Need, There There, Lucky, Bangers & Mash, 15 Step, Nude, Pyramid Song, Optimistic, Arpeggi, The National Anthem, Idioteque, Reckoner, House Of Cards, Everything In Its Right Place, Faust Arp, Bodysnatchers, Videotape

First Encore
The Gloaming, You and Whose Army?, Myxomatosis, My Iron Lung, How To Disappear Completely

Second Encore
Super Collider, Just, Paranoid Android

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At 4:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bat for Lashes, not that I have anything against them, I'm just not 17"


"Today is World Dungeons & Dragons Day. This, unlike the International Decade of the Mountain, is not an official UN sanctioned event, rather it signifies the launch to the world of the 4th edition of this venerable and much maligned game. And so to celebrate this momentous occasion I took a walk down memory lane to my local Geekmonger and picked up a copy of the new rulebooks, surprising myself with the little shiver of delight that went up my spine as I did so."

The irony is palpable....



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