19 June 2008

going out to clean the pasture spring

Being on an open ended sabbatical is, as the name implies, like experiencing an endless Sunday. It involves a late awakening and rising from bed and completing one's morning ablutions just in time to beat the 11am rush for cappuccino at the slow food cafe, before settling into a day of reading, rss-tending and general tinkering and pottering about in one's notional garden shed.

Yesterday was a superb example, which resulted both in fairly dust-free bookcases throughout the house, and a smashing new set of Custom Search Engines and a page to host them. Not being one who uses tags, I occasionally find it frustrating when trying to locate a particular post, so I put together a search engine to trawl through a few sites that I have. So delighted with the results was I that I went and built a few more, one to trawl through the political, environmental and other smug busy-body sites that I frequent, and a second that indexes a few of the electronica and digital music creation sites that I have been known to peruse. For good measure I threw up a search box for my LibraryThing pages as well.

Aside from personal use, I can see no other function for it other than to act as a one-stop-shop for various nefarious Agencies With TLAs, taking all the leg work out of profiling me. Consider it a thought exercise in an time when thought is actively discouraged.

If anyone but me and the good folks defending the security of our various homelands are interested, they can test it out here.


At 5:07 pm, Blogger Kate said...

I could have used your new fangled search thingy yoke to look for the post you did on donating to the Obama campaign but I was lazy and thought I'd throw my comment up here with a hastily thought up addition on searches to make it sort of relevant!

Looks like Obama doesn't want your cash Unkie Dave!


He's going down the corpo-route. Now we know he'll have no soul left to sell come Oval Office time which is a real shame. I kinda liked the guy.

Note must be taken at this time that I work for one of the "Big"s who'll probably be coughing up large chucks of that funding
*sigh* always hard to be part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

At 5:44 pm, Blogger Unkie Dave said...

Not to defend a politician who has hired a Chicago-school economist as his economic adviser, not to mention Hillary's ex-campaign manager and is in my bad books at the moment, but forgoing Public funding (ie money from the government paid by taxpayers, with a cap on the total amount that can be spent) lets him raise unlimited funds, it doesn't mean that he'll be accepting lobbyist money.

Basically he's raised so much from $10 donations from ordinary folk that he reckons he can compete with the Republican corporate donors, and McCain certainly wouldn't accept Public funding, so to accept Public funding when the other guy isn't would cripple your campaign.

A sad but true reflection of the value of money in the US campaign, ie it is the *only* value in the US campaign.


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