13 June 2008

Action at a distance

Unexpectedly got a ticket to see Matmos in Andrew's Lane last night (thanks Neil), so I wandered along with minimal expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Hailing from San Francisco their work normally centres around experimental pops and clicks, with the odd sample of bodily liquids, animal noises or other audio objects trouver, and approaches music with some caution.

Their most recent album 'Supreme Balloon' is probably their most musical and accessible, different enough from their main body of work as to cause noticeable confusion on the faces of some bemused gig go-ers last night who looked shocked and fearful that they had accidently wandered into an art instillation.

With music synchronised to a series of films projected behind them, including some rather amusing 70's gay porn (bad haircuts are always funny regardless of context), and the use of a candle, lit matches and a Thingamagoop (amongst others) to create live layered soundscapes, the evening was great and more than a little inspirational (the sound effects, not the porn).

Had a chance to catch up with Mr and Mrs LoveRhino, hadn't seen them since BangFace, and had a chat with Thalamus about Alphabet Set's stage at the upcoming Mantua festival; Unfortunately Flying Lotus (whose debut '1983' was one of the top albums in 2006 for me) has cancelled, but Clark are still headlining, as well a great selection of Irish acts, along with Mum playing the main stage.

Andrews Lane is a great venue, I haven't been there in a couple of years, and it has been refurbished to a high standard, with walls tagged by Maser, and an intimate stage with no separation between the artists and the audience. I wasn't going to go to Venetian Snares next month, but since its going to be in the same venue I bought tickets this morning. There's just something about a small crowd and actually being able to see what the band are doing on stage.

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Thingamagoop analog synthesiser
Mantua 08


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