22 April 2008

Would Unkie Dave please come to the Diary Room

Day 6 outside the Big Brother House. 13:30 PM. Unkie Dave is in the Diary Room

BB: Good Afternoon Unkie Dave
UD: Good Afternoon Big Brother
BB: How are you today?
UD: Bored, really bored. I woke up at 9, lay around in bed until about 9:30, got up and had a shower, got dressed, and was sitting in my kitchen staring at the wall by 10. I spent 15 minutes gathering up all the change in the house, counting it, realised that I had enough for a cappuccino and went downstairs to the cafe under my apartment to get one.
BB: That sounds nice
UD: It was, but then I dropped my cup when I got into my apartment and spilled all the coffee before I had a chance to sit down.
BB: How did that make you feel?
UD: Sad, I was really looking forward to that coffee, I had built a whole plan in my mind about drinking that coffee and reading last Sunday's newspaper.
BB: Why didn't you get another one?
UD: Because I had no more change left, and the bank machine is a whole two minutes walk away. That's just too far to go.
BB: So what are you doing now?
UD: Sitting at my computer trying to figure out what to do with my day. I'm so bored. bored, bored, bored.
BB: Would you like to work on a 15 page deck for a deep dive on a new Long Tail business strategy in the face of the increasing down-turn of the dollar?
UD: Feck off.


At 2:08 pm, Blogger spewbuntu said...

you suck at being unemployed. I'll give you a bit of training someday.


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