29 March 2008

Yes, its a clip show.

Just wanted to post a few links to articles that I thought were pretty interesting and relevant to my last few blog posts.

The Guardian is reporting that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, will be boycotting the Opening ceremony of the Olympics, joining Poland's prime minister Donald Tusk, and the Czech President Vaclav Klaus. This will no doubt put further pressure on Sarkozy to make a decsion one way or the other on his attendance. Given the UK's hosting of the next Olympics, it is extremely unlikely that Gordon Brown will not attend, though Prince Charles has publicly stated that he will not be there. Similarly while Nancy Pelosi has denounced China's activities in Tibet, no mention was made of an Olympic boycott.

Greg Palast took a trip to Pennsylvania , and finds that if God isn't damning America, He certainly doesn't seem to be blessing it either.

In a subject close to Mr Palast's heart there was a pretty interesting article in Wired about an investigation into the rigging of electronic voting machines in Ohio.

While Polish politicians may be pretty progressive when it comes to opposing China's oppression of, well almost everyone, Donald Tusk's predecessor Jaroslaw Kacynsk (not to be confused with his identical twin brother Lech, Poland's president) opposes internet voting because the internet attracts people who watch "pornography while sipping beer".

Rather than post regular links like this I've added a "Google Reader" widget to my blog that will show articles that I've read and thought interesting, but am too lazy to write a full post about. A seperate page for all the posts I've tagged can also be found here. I start each morning off with Reader, the best RSS reader that I've used, and am unfortunately something of an addict. Now I can share the pain with everyone.


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