15 March 2008

Id rather die than give you (multitouch) control.

Since starting to use my Lemur on a regular basis, I have kept a regular eye out for articles or videos about proper musicians using it, with a careful eye on what they are using it to control, and how I can steal the idea.

Much was made about Daft Punk using a few Lemurs during their recent Grammy performance with Kanye West, though looking at the video I seriously doubt that the lemurs were actually connected to anything given the haphazard way they were hitting random parts of the screens. Of course, its also highly likely that that wasn't actually Daft Punk there. The trouble with electronica is that it's often very difficult to tell if somebody is actually playing "live', or just hitting play on winamp. Throw in two blokes that always wear robot helmets and you have a perfect franchise for musical deception: record the album then send two random punters out on tour to press a few coloured lights, and the crowd goes wild while you sit at home in your chateaux thinking up weird arty films to film in the Nevada desert and designing coffee tables for Habitat. For all we know Daft Punk could be the Milli Vanilli of our time; can anybody actually say they've heard them live since Glastonbury 1997 when they stopped the gig midway to beg someone to climb down from the tent roof?

It was thus with great interest that I came across this video on Nine Inch Nails' YouTube channel, of Mr Reznor using one with a giant Monome (a big brother to the tenori-on) to control an upright piano. While of limited practical application on tour, the sheer feeling of smugness that you would get just by making it work is all the reward you would need.

I'm off to wire mine up to the toaster and kettle, just to see if I can.


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