05 February 2008

This is what Democracy feels like

Surely there can be no better expression of Democracy than sitting down and enjoying a good pint and a pancake while you vote to mandate an unellected official to consider selecting your choice of figurehead for a presidential candidate at a convention for one of two equally right-wing parties that hold a stranglehold on the laughably corrupt electoral process in what passes for the last remaining superpower. At least this time my vote, while unlikely to actually count, is actually likely to be counted.

As I've mentioned before the Democrats Abroad actually constitutes a region with it's own voting delegates at this year's convention. While some countries are voting purely online, the Irish chapter decided to also have an actual polling centre, set up in O'Neill's Pub, Suffolk Street in Dublin. There was a fairly large turnout over the course of the day; I voted at 6:30 this evening and by then over 200 people had already voted. Despite a small snafu (they couldn't find my name on their list) I was still able to reregister on the spot and cast a provisional ballot. It was a tough choice deciding between Bill Richardson, Joe Biden and John Edwards, who have all taken the unusual policy of deciding to skip the early Primaries and concentrate all their efforts on gaining a shock win in Ireland to gather momentum.

Luckily the Very Understanding Girlfriend was on hand to capture this historic moment, and join me in a celebratory pint and pancake.


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