03 February 2008

Gentlemen start your engines

So I have decided to take up the RPM Challenge, but hampered by Leopard, or rather the M-Audio FireWire 440's lack of support for Leopard I will be forced to improvise. Not wanting to stoop so low as to use software (though I am a happy owner of Reason) I'm going to try and put together the 10 tracks (or 35 minutes of music) using some very basic tools indeed:

MacBook Pro 2.16 Ghz, running OSX 10.5.1
Logic Express 7.2.3
Korg Kaoss mini-KP

Basically the idea is to see if I can record a full reasonably sounding album using equipment so small that it could all fit in a messenger bag with the laptop. This will also give me a sense of whether or not a live set could be done with the same gear, and minimum strain on the back. I don't expect the tracks to be masterpieces, but as with the blog posting in January, or Tadhg's SF Magic coding, I think the discipline of seeing a project through from start to finish in a fixed amount of time could be very rewarding, or more frustrating than I can possibly imagine. Given the fact that I am only starting this challenge on the 3rd of February, having lost two days already, I somewhat suspect it will be more of the latter.

So far today I have managed to blow the cobwebs off Logic 7, install it on my MBP with updates, spend a very frustrating hour trying to get my FireWire 410 up and running with Leopard before giving up (not before actively considering downgrading to Tiger), search through two separate boxes of cables for thirty minutes trying to find the right audio cables for hooking up the Tenori-On to the line-in on the MBP, and try and find rechargeable batteries for the mini-KP.

Time spent on RPM Challenge: 2 hours 30 minutes; Total minutes of of music made: 0


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