22 February 2008

Everyone's a winner baby (that's no lie)

In a crucial result that will surely change the face of the Democratic race, Barak Obama has overwhelmingly won the Irish primary. With a staggering 389 total valid votes cast in O'Neills of Suffolk street, and online, the breakdown is as follows:
Biden 0.0%
Clinton 36.5%
Edwards 0.5%
Kucinich 0.3%
Obama 62.5%
Richardson 0.0%
Which surprisingly means that 1.16 people voted for Dennis Kucinich, about .16 people more than I, and no doubt he, expected to. The Irish results were known on Super Tuesday itself, but the final results for the Democrats Abroad Global Primary were not certified until yesterday.

The Dems Abroad have a total of 22 delegates, each with half a vote at the Convention. Nine of these delegates are pledged, ie they vote according to the results of the Global Primary; Eight are superdelegates, party members of the DNC abroad, and five delegates are elected at the Dems Abroad conference and are free to vote however they like.

While globally Obama won 65.6% of the vote to Hilary's 32.7%, out of 22,755 total votes, the Dems Abroad are broken down into three constituencies each with a number of delegates to be allocated based on the results of the total vote within that region.
EMEA: 60% of global vote. 5 delegates: Obama 3; Clinton 2
Americas: 23% of global vote. 2 delegates: Obama 1; Clinton 1
Asia-Pacific: 17% of global vote. 2 delegates: Obama 1; Clinton 1
So even though Obama won 72.6% of the vote in Asia, as there are only two delegates they are spilt 50/50. In the Americas the vote was a little more evenly matched, with Obama getting 54.6% and Hillary 43.5%, so the 50/50 split of the two delegates is more rational. EMEA went 68% to Obama and 30.5 to Hillary, so Ireland was slightly more favourable to Hillary than the rest of Europe, which could have something to do with her husband's strong ties to the Peace Process, given the fact the Ireland happily allows dual citizenship many of the voters might have been pretend Americans like my good self, who may be influenced by such things (I however was not).

So, based on my Leaving Cert maths, my vote was 1/9,339 (.0107%) of the Obama vote in EMEA, contributing to 3 delegates with a total of 1.5 votes out of a total of 2,025 delegate votes (.074%) needed to win, which means that if Obama secures the nomination I am .00079%(ish) responsible.

Of course the real winner here is Democracy.

(and me! I'm a winner!)


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