17 January 2008

You hold my heart so don't let go

The Very Understanding Girlfriend came out to Wroclaw to visit me last night, which was amazing. I showed her around the old town last night, and again this afternoon. I got to bring her to Vega, and show her the university and the Odra, and this evening we went down to a small restaurant called Sarah in the Jewish quarter (yes, Wroclaw has a Jewish quarter, consisting of a synagogue, and information center and a restaurant or two, all essentially in the same building). The V.U.G. is by far the best birthday present that I could ever hope for!

Last night we stayed up to book tickets to Burning Man. We 'queued' online for over five hours, but got our tickets in the end. It's something that we have long planned to go to, so this Christams we made a pact with Tadhg to go, and coincidentally enough tickets went on sale on my birthday, which I took as an omen. That and the fact that I appeared to have some excess cash in my wallet after a very disappointing Keynote. In a way it's almost as if Mr Jobs is making me go to Burning Man.

But not a real way.


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