14 January 2008

Y marche pas au soda

Went out for a pint and some food tonight, really starting to know my way around the city centre now (I think). I spent the day in our new office, we moved in this morning, and it's pretty amazing, and luckily almost the exact same walking distance from the hotel as the old office. It's easy to find your way around a city centre by foot, the hard part comes when trying to navigate by car through one way streets that you are used to walking down nonchalantly in the opposite direction.

Of course it would be highly unlikely that I would ever find myself driving through the streets of an unfamiliar city, dependent upon the services of taxi drivers as I am. Fortunately taxi drivers are an almost universal constant, with identical behavior and a cavalier attitude to life and limb exhibited in every city on every continent. I have long since developed an ability to fix my gaze upon the headrest of the seat in front of me and shut down all peripheral vision as I relax into my cab ride, oblivious to the imminent death that the driver insists upon positioning us in front of in multiple directions simultaneously. I find that the need for bed and sleep overcomes all fear of my own mortality every time.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day, with the Republican primary in Michigan, and some sort of speech in San Francisco to do with fruit pods, or something like that. It gives me an opportunity to vent my spleen and credit card simultaneously, and in different directions. The fact that I will track them both hopped up on Dew is the luminous green icing on the cake.


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