19 January 2008

The words are coming out all weird

An interesting night all round, both in Nevada and here in Dublin. In Nevada we have a situation, probably to be clarified by the morning, where Hillary says she won the popular vote, but Obama says he will get the most number of delegates at the national convention. Technically all delegates can change their vote at the convention anyway, so the overwhelming sentiment of the night seems to be one of "huh?".

In Dublin the results were much clearer. My sister had a good night out with her friends, I had some excellent Korean food on Capel Street, and no Vanilla Ice was sung. In fact the karaoke bar seemed to have a ridiculous amount of unusual songs in it's non-Korean repertoire, including copious amounts of Radiohead. I have been to a number of concerts by Brad Mehldau, the jazz pianist, and heard him play an amazing fourteen minute rendition of 'Paranoid Android', and this shows that covers of Radiohead can sometimes surpass the original.

Tonight there were no such examples. 'The Bends' and 'Paranoid Android' were warbled and massacred by culprits that included both myself and the Very Understanding Girlfriend, who really should have known better, but at the end of the day a good time was had by all.

Except perhaps Thom Yorke.


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