02 January 2008

Where in the world is Unkie Dave?

In another installment in our occasional series "Finland is the best place in the world, ever" comes Jaiku. Jaiku (apparently a combination of 'haiku' and 'joiking') is a 'lite' social-network service that displays a series of short messages from you and your friends, mostly status updates.

It's great because a) it's from Finland, b) has a mobile application that lets you browse and update from your S60 phone, c) is easily embedded in a blog, d) has a wide range of 3rd party aps and mash-ups and e) is from Finland. I wrangled a sign-up today and have spent the last hour or so getting to know it, and already I am in geek heaven. I've added a widget to this blog that will show my most recent status and activity, if I remember to update it. This is perfect for any miscreants or ne'er-do-wells who wish to target my apartment, but aren't sure when exactly I'm away (I'm not worried, the Very Understanding Girlfriend is more than capable of taking them on).

Slowly but surely I am being dragged into the world of Web 2.0 kicking and screaming.


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