12 January 2008

We interrupt this program

Looking at my posts so far this month it looks like January is shaping up to be "High Horse" month on Booming Back, though there is still time for it to go disastrously wrong and end up firmly in "Glasshouse" month, or "Pot and Kettle, Discussions on Blackness" territory. Never one to try and stop a train-wreck I figured that it was about time to inject some good old fashioned consumerism to my postings, and so I braved the not-quite-torrential downpours that are so typical of Dublin Saturdays (and Sundays, and Fridays, and most everything in between) and headed off in search of bargain consumables.

Hodges Figgis was having a pretty good sale, with many books hovering around the €5.99 mark, so I picked up a few Michael Chabon's, two Umberto Eco's, and 'Kingdom of Fear' by Hunter S. Thompson. I look forward to the day when we can buy books by weight and volume, as in "I'd like 5lbs of your finest Chabon, my good man, and don't skimp on the alchemically rendered sentences and boundless ambition".

I also had a wander through Tower and picked up series one and two of 'The I.T. Crowd', which I have found to be intermittently funny when I've seen the odd episode on TV, but am willing to give it a go next week in Wroclaw. I also picked up 'Soylent Green' on sale, though no sign of 'Omega Man'.

Tonight I'm heading in to see "No Country for Old Men" with a few friends. The Very Understanding Girlfriend is not impressed; she is travelling this evening and isn't able to join us, and her exact words were "why do you always go to see good films when I am away, and make me go to see crap with you like Transformers."

Because no-one else would see crap like that with me, that's why.

(normal postings from Unkie Dave's High Horse will resume shortly)


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