09 January 2008

A talent contest on monday with my uncle sam

Wahoo - Democracy Inaction (as Jon Stewart might have a team of skilled writers say)! I was contacted today by someone at work to let me know that the Democrats are having an overseas Primary on Super Tuesday, and there will be a separate delegation for Democrats Abroad with it's own votes at the convention, 22 whole delegates! That's more than Alaska or North Dakota! Given the limited number of likely oversees voters, and the wide range of candidates they support, my vote will likely count more than if I had voted in Connecticut. I feel my cynicism washing away in the face of an impending democratic mandate.

The icing on the cake, the oversees polling lasts from the 5th to the 12th February, and in Ireland the polling booth will be in O'Neill's of Suffolk Street, a not-to-shabby pub. Where else can you actually have a pint while you vote?

This is the dawn of a truly civilized age.


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