30 January 2008

So they all rolled over and two fell out

Well, a not unexpected result in the Republican primary in Florida, followed rapidly by candidates dropping out of the race from both parties. It's funny to see how six months ago McCain was the front runner, then the media declared him out of the running, and now that the people have actually been given a chance to make up their minds for themselves, he's the Republican front runner again.

Throughout each election in at least the last twelve years I've watched the mainstream media trip over themselves to declare the results long before a single ballot is even counted. In their rush to appear authoritative, with their desire to sit back once the dust has settled and smugly proclaim "I told you so", they declare victory with the voice of the Metatron and relieve the people of the burden of actually having to show up and be counted. And when they get it wrong, they get it wrong in a big way.

Giuliani also got it wrong, he ignored the smaller sates and though he would leapfrog over them on the wings on the snowbirds and other permanent migrants to Florida who originated in New York City. Unfortunately for him he forgot that he was actually a really bad Mayor, with a terrible record and low approval rating. The rest of America only know him for his disaster capitalism, but New Yorkers' have a long memory and a few weeks in the spotlight won't erase the bitterness they built up over his two terms as Mayor.

The circus now moves on. Roll on Tuesday.


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