11 January 2008

Packed my hopes inside a matchbox

Arrived back from Wroclaw this afternoon, just for the weekend. Unbelievably it was actually cheaper for me to fly home for the weekend than to stay in my hotel for an extra three night. Cheaper, but far less sustainable.

The Very Understanding Girlfriend recently calculated her carbon footprint with a group of colleagues, and apparently it was the lowest they had ever seen. Then she added in her air travel, and it was not so healthy a picture. Both of us travel quite a lot for work and fun, and unfortunately recent investigations into a number of carbon offsetting groups have cast doubts on the whole process, and left us trying to figure out how to balance our desire to be sustainable with our travelling lifestyle.

I have grown very fond of Wroclaw, but I'm just not ready to commit to a weekend alone there.


At 10:20 am, Blogger Sarah said...

Over a few glasses of Leffe last night I was told about an interesting offset project. M&S have undertaken a significant initiative to increase energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. However, they have found there is 20% that they cannot reduce any further and they have been investigating offsetting this remainder.

Having researched for a year they have not found any offset projects that are rigorous enough to satisfy their criteria. Then they came up with a new idea. They’re currently investigating offsetting their carbon by reducing the carbon footprint of their employees at home. The idea is that they’ll provide energy assessments, insulation, energy saving light-bulbs etc. for their employees’ homes. It’s meant to be voluntary and free. It sounds an interesting idea and especially useful for those on lower wages who might not be able to afford to such investment. What results it will produce in practice may be another matter.

At 1:07 pm, Blogger unkie dave said...

That's a seriously interesting idea. We have recently appointed a green tsar in work to co-ordinate initiatives like this across all of our European offices. I'm meeting with them soon to discuss a few things we want to do in Dublin. If you have any further info on this can you send it to me directly?


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