31 January 2008

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Just getting ready to head down to Waterford for my sister's wedding. The forecast is for snow tomorrow, so I am sure much hilarity will ensue. This also means that it is highly unlikely that I will be near a computer, and for the first time this year will be unable to blog. This is not a bad thing, for maintaining my digital presence has taken over a large chunk of my time this year.

Inspired by Tadhg, who seems to make consistent posting look effortless, I resolved to post at least once a day in January, and while I have certainly accomplished this goal, I cannot vouch for the quality of every post. While there are certainly many things of a more depressing nature, the feeling that accompanies the loss of self worth that occurs at the end of an evening when you realize that you have done, read or seen nothing of any interest over the course of the previous twenty four hours was an experience that i could have lived without.

It is thus inevitable that the frequency of posts will diminish next month, though hopefully not returning to the once-a-month (if I'm lucky) haphazardness that pervaded 2007. I am however tempted to take up the RPM Challenge, with the goal of producing a full album of ten tracks, or 35 minutes of music, by the end of February. Given that I work more hours than the good lord intended a man to work, it will be a struggle, but I think that my creative skills need a kick up the arse to get them going this year, and this might be just the trick to do it. I've managed to rope in a few musically inclined friends to try it for themselves, so maybe the group support effect, like alcoholics anonymous, will help us through to the end.

"Hello, my name is Unkie Dave, and I'm a musician. It's been eighteen months since I made my last track."

"Hi Unkie Dave!"


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