15 January 2008

I've got the Keynote, I've got the secret

Well, the Keynote has been and gone and I am left with an overall feeling of meh. Apple TV is essentially useless outside of the US, as is the iPhone (While I am looking forward to the new iPod Touch applications, $20 is a bit much to ask people to pay for an 'upgrade' to software that should have been included at launch) and don't even get me started on the irrelevance of US movie rentals to an international market. The MacBook Air was also a very big let down, big being the operative word. With a 13.3" screen it is too big to really be suitable for traveling. It's not the weight or thickness of the laptop, but the overall space it occupies. My sister has a very nice Vaio that she took backpacking with her in New Zealand, and it certainly seemed to take up less space in her backpack than the MBA would.

I myself have a Vaio UX, their UMPC, and if it were a Mac it would be the best computer in the world. I was really hoping for a portable along the same size as a UMPC, or slightly larger than the iPhone, with the same touch screen interface. There is a long thread about putting OSX on the UX, and in the absence of a real apple sub-notebook if I have the time in the next month or so I might take this up as a project.

The only positive note that I see from the MBA launch is the elimination of a number of harmful chemicals, such as mercury and arsenic, and the circuit boards are BFR and PVC free. the case is also fully recyclable, and they say it will ship with less packaging. It looks like Greenpeace's campaign and poor report card for Apple in 2006 is starting to have noticeable effects. The removal of these chemicals from the manufacturing process comes later than Steve Job's original promise of 2007, but it is still a positive step in the right direction.

Unfortunately that is not enough to console my credit card, returned now to my wallet unused and unloved, again.


At 11:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the MBA does look pretty but I do agree - the VAIO is silll more transportable.
Was staying up late to wish you Wszystkiego Najlepszego David!
Then I remembered you're time zone is ahead so it's already your Wszystkiego! Or perhaps it's already your Najlepszego - but you get the idea!
Hoping to see you and T.V.U.G. in Dublin this weekend xxx K


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