28 January 2008

I'd like to teach the world to sing

Today I completed the first draft of the 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility plan for my company. I divided it up into three strands around the themes of Environmental Sustainability, Education and Community. Over the last three weeks I've been able to work closely with our facilities, government policy and PR teams and it was pretty amazing to start our planning session off with the concept that CSR is something you do because its the right thing to do, not because it is a good PR move.

The Environmental strand will look at a range of activities from moving the office to renewable energy sources, reducing our carbon footprint, and taking the concept home with our employees to help them reduce their own footprint (something also independently suggested by my sister in London, but our facilities team were way ahead of both of us on this one). The Education strand focuses on partnering with a number of public sector education groups to increase their level of technological understanding at scale, and expanding the scope of our intern program. Our Community strand is about being a good neighbour, celebrating diversity in Ireland and the Irish workplace, and using our technology in some pretty fun and funky ways. There are some major initiatives spread out across the year and my goal is to get as many people in the organisation involved and contributing in some way; it's something that many people have asked about but to date we haven't had a coherent plan that people could work towards.

I came home this evening with a sense of well-being that I haven't experienced in work for a while, and though it's only a first draft and subject to a reality check from my colleagues at home and abroad, I'm excited.


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