25 January 2008

A Bang on the Ear

Wahoo - tickets for BangFace Weekender arrived today. I have decided to celebrate my 36th year on this planet by actually doing all the things that I wanted to do in my 26th year, but with a little more style and comfort.

I bought tickets to BFW last year, essentially a three-day music* festival in an British seaside holiday camp. What makes this festival different to, say Glastonbury, is that a) it is all music that I want to hear**, with most of the acts coming from the Reflex label***, and b) there is no camping involved; accommodation consists of a self catering chalet that can sleep up to six, with working bathroom, kitchen and shower. While I managed to have no less than three showers in Glastonbury last year, one a sneaky shower in the artists' area at the Acoustic Tent, I have decided that even the risk of not having a good night's sleep is enough to prevent from ever camping again. The Very Understanding Girlfriend will accompany me, as will three good friends from as far afield as Brighton, Eindhoven and Dublin, all of us comfortably in our 30s. Some might say we are only fooling ourselves by thinking we are still up for such an event, I say they are jealous of our goose-feather duvets, Gaggia cafetiere, weekend edition of the Guardian and the eight hours of uninterrupted sleep we are all planning to get each night.

The weekend will finish with a Monday morning flight to Belfast to see Bjork, courtesy of my sister and her partner in London, a present for my 35th. This almost-devil-may-care attitude will then continue in August in the sun-kissed flats of the Nevada desert as we attend Burning Man with our good friend Tadhg. In an RV, with a shower, and beds.

In between will be the usual mixture of work, misery and stress.

*by music they mean a "Neo-Rave Explosion of Acid, Jungle, Rave Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Breakcore, Techno, Electronica, Dubstep, Electro and Abstract Dance", and yes, I know what each of those terms mean. I'm still down with the tunes, even if they do play them a little too loud.

**as opposed to the putrid vileness that I normally play when pimping my musical backside at weddings, corporate events and the occasional Super Sweet Sixteenth

**Full line-up so far includes Squarepusher, Dopplereffekt, Altern-8, Kid606, Bong-Ra, DJ Rephlex Records, Krome & Time, The Panacea, Ceephax Acid Crew, Mala (Digital Mystikz), Aaron Spectre, Venetian Snares, Ragga Twins, Bogdan Raczynski, DJ Stingray, Knifehandchop, Luke Vibert, Kode9, µ-Ziq, Shitmat, Mike Dred, The DJ Producer, Saint Acid, Plaid, Chas & Dave, DMX Krew, Remarc, Cylob, DJ Scotch Egg, Doubtful Guest, Cassette Boy, Jackson and his Computer Band, Beardyman, Kelpe, Aba Shanti-i, Phil Hartnoll + Long Range, Modeselektor, The Flashbulb, Richard Devine, Normski


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