13 December 2007

Violently Happy

I've been getting used to Jazzmutant's Lemur over the last month or two. This is a multitouch interface device for just about any midi device, real or virtual. The interface is a completely customisable touchscreen; essentially you can 'draw' any shape you like onto the screen, program it to have certain parameters, and then map that controller onto a midi function. I've been using it with Abelton Live running on a MacBook Pro and so far it's been fun, but the complete freedom of customisation means a lot of work before you are ready to go. I recorded a quick video on my phone using the standard loops that come with Live, and a Live template that comes with Lemur, the quality isn't great but it gives the general idea.

It's so much fun, and besides, my apartment is too small to fit a reacTable.


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