24 December 2007

Twas the night before Christmas

Christmas is a time for exiles return in Ireland. Famine, civil unrest, poverty and bad 80's haircuts have all taken their toll on our nation over the years and forced successive generations of immigrants to brave the lands of the sasanachs in search of work and the mythical shiny thing in the sky our ancestors called "The Sun". Christmas is thus the time of year that traditionally everyone returns home to simultaneously lord it over those that stayed behind with tales of streets paved of gold while complaining to all and sundry how bad their life is because they can't get decent sushi in their adopted home.

With that in mind I have spent the last few days catching up with friends and family from home and abroad and while it has been most enjoyable on a personal level, in the wider scheme of things it is definitely too boring to blog about.

I will however take this opportunity to wish everyone that I haven't seen in person a happy Christmas, and a peaceful New Year, leaving you with a view of Newgrange (for more solsticey-goodness can watch a replay of this years solstice, streamed live for the first time on the 21st December this year).


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