10 December 2007

I'm slinging in the rain...

Just spent the last hour or so configuring a Slingbox network in the house, and more importantly, running the new Mobile SlingPlayer on my Nokia N95. I've had the Slingbox for about 6 months now, but the Mobile player for Symbian S60 was only released a short while ago. Since I don't have an unlimited data plan for my phone, I've only streamed on wifi, and the quality is pretty good.

There are just so many reasons why this is a bad thing, my life is too gadget filled as it is, but NT-Hell digital cable + SlingBox + N95 (+ future unlimited data plan) = never bored at a bus-stop again ever. It also means future trips to Poland will be more bearable. With the SlingPlayer on my laptop and free broadband in the hotel, the televisual world is indeed my mollusc.


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