06 October 2007

Everything, Everything

Went to see Underworld in Tripod last night, courtesy of The Very Understanding Girlfriend, and it was amazing. A few weeks ago I organised a big surprise for her, and last night she (with the assistance of some of those involved in her surprise) returned the surprise by getting tickets to the sold-out show.

And thus, as if by magic, I found myself in Tripod at the front of the stage, transported back to 1998 in the RedBox (as Tripod was called back then), when I first saw them live and discovered techno. It's not often you can look to one specific instant in time and say "that changed my life", but that night did; it changed my musical taste forever, lead me to creating my own music and try my hand at being a DJ. The most amazing thing about that night, however, was that it was The Very Understanding Girlfriend who made it all happen, convincing me to come along despite some healthy skepticism on my part. My tastes before then had ranged from Faith No More to Sisters of Mercy, and involved a lot of hair, leather jackets and moshing, or looking moody and gloomy and sulking in a corner.

That night was a transformational event, and although I have seen Underworld a number of times since, from Glastonbury in '99 and the Point in 2000, the Hammerstein Ballroom in NY in 2002 and Marlay Park in 2005, there was something really special about last night, being back where it all began with the person who made it all happen.


At 8:12 am, Blogger Felix said...

Hey that's great! I love Underworld and am so happy the V.U.G. was able to love you up with some tickets so you could attend the joy!!


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