22 July 2007

Pony Trekking or Camping. Or just watching TV.

Well, surprisingly this trip involved neither horses, camping or television. After Glasto the Very Understanding Girlfriend and I traveled to Finland, where we had been asked by our friends Jonna and Toni to become to Godparents of their son Toivo (which means 'Hope' in Finnish).

On top of this being an amazing honour, it was good to get to spend time with Jonna and Toni, who are just great people. But like all Finns, they are both, in fact, insane. Unless you have actually spent time with any Finns, you might think this to be an exaggeration, or believe me guilty of sweeping generalizations. If you have spent time with any Finns, however, you will know the truth of my words.

We spent three days in Helsinki, a glorious 28C, with dusk slightly after midnight. It was the perfect antithesis of Glastonbury, and on Saturday Toni took us out on the open water on his boat. I am not an open water person, as I have been heard to remark I do not have a fear of heights, I have an intense fear of depths. All was safe though, for in spite of the aforementioned innate craziness of Finns, I felt that the presence in the boat of Jonna and their six-week old son, not to mention the Very Understanding Girlfriend and I, would temper any flush of insanity on Toni's part. And by and large, I was right. Right up to the point that he decided to give the wheel to the Very Understanding Girlfriend. My love for her and desire to continue with our relationship overcame my terror, but it was touch and go for a bit.

The Christening was amazing. It took place in their house, apparently very common in Finland, with close family and a number of friends. The ceremony was conducted by the minister that married them, and although she spoke little English she made a big effort to involve us. We felt really honoured to be a part of it all, and look forward to being part of Toivo's life.


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