10 June 2007

Cheese are good, Cheese are good

And, we're back...

Been on the road for the last few weeks, so haven't been able to post as much as I would have liked (or at all really). I was in London and the Netherlands for two conferences, and then away last weekend in the northwest of Ireland (North Leitrim) for a friend's birthday.

The conference in the Netherlands was interesting, set in a theatre in a small town about an hour away from Amsterdam (on online advertising), and I participated in a panel discussion. The weather was amazing, and the venue was was quirky with concrete sheep grazing on an astroturf roof.

The Birthday last weekend was even more amazing, while the rest of Ireland suffered a deluge of distantly biblical proportions, we basked in summer sunshine and it was warm enough to travel to Bundoran for a splash in the sea. It was great to get out of the city for a few days. Leitrim has the lowest population and population density of an county in Ireland, and you can really feel isolated there.

It was actually the Very Understanding Girlfriend's second weekend in a row there, as the previous weekend had been spent there at a cheese making course. I returned home one evening to find the apartment awash in curds and whey, as the V.U.G. made her very own bathtub cheese (well, no actual bathtubs were involved). While this is akin to teaching an alcoholic to make home-brew, I have every confidence that she is in control of the situation. To be on the safe side I am, however, gathering the numbers of a small group of friends and relatives in case an intervention is needed. Which I'm sure it won't be. Pretty sure anyway.

(The cheese is amazing, by the way)


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