16 March 2007

I would not eat it on a plane, I would not eat it on a train

Continuing a culinary-theme of recent posts I was ordering a vegetarian meal with Aer Lingus today. For some reason you cannot actually do this online when you purchase your tickets, and in fact you have to phone them directly to place your order. However online they do list the full range of meals available, from the traditional Kosher, 'Muslim' and 'Hindu' meals, to the more exotic Lacto/Ovo Vegetarian, High Fiber or even Low Protein meals.

While I seriously question the wisdom of ordering a high fiber meal on an 11 hour flight to LAX, my attention was drawn to the very first option they have on the list, the enticing "Bland Meal".

There is a joke to be made here, but it is too painfully obvious even for me.


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