01 January 2007

That was the week that was

Between Festivus and New Year's I think I actually managed to achieve a modicum of work/life balance. While I worked during the week I also managed to be more social than I thought was humanly possible, which is certainly a step in the right direction for Resolution Number Two (see more of my friends). However the sheer amount of food and drink consumed over the same period would have, had it occurred in 2007, had a very negative effect on Resolution Number One (be more healthy).

On Festivus we went to a friend's solstice party. The solstice was actually two nights earlier, so in true Festivus spirit that became the first of many grievances that was aired. We drank mulled tea (rooibos, yum-yum), discussed work, reminisced about the good old days, left and went to the Alphabet Set's Christmas Party at the Voodoo Lounge. The good people at The Alphabet Set generously donated part of the evening's takings to Bridin's Venture Malawi trip. Good live sets from Bluefood*, Thalamus, Lakker and others, much abuse from Snow Patrol who were having their own party upstairs and found the relentless breakcore a bit too loud and wanted something a bit more poppy, and a "when worlds collide" moment when my mortgage broker (who as has been mentioned before is actually a really good friend of mine) arrived down with his posse which unexpectedly included the younger brother of my high school girlfriend over from London for the holidays. For some reason the nice bar staff kept serving until well after 4am; This lulled us into a false sense of security, along the lines of, "well, they're still serving so it can't be that late really", and led to a very fuzzy Sunday morning. Sunday night we called round to a friend's family's Christmas party, and it was heartwarming to see that she and her boyfriend (who had also had been at Voodoo the night before) were in just as bad shape as I was. Misery shared is indeed misery halved.

Christmas Day saw the Very Understanding Girlfriend head off to the 40 Foot for the Christmas Swim, again in aid of Venture Malawi while I stayed home and cooked nut roast in preparation for dinner at my family's later that evening. Judging by the looks of abject terror on everyone's faces in the pictures I saw of the swim, it was very, very cold. Dinner with my family was grand, the best present of the night was definitely from my sister and her fiancee to my grandfather, the complete Moriarty Tribunal Report - apparently Charlie Haughey was quite corrupt (who would have guessed?). Stephen's Day was also my sister's birthday, so The Very Understanding Girlfriend and I went in to town to meet her or drinks.

Thursday night saw us in the Bernard Shaw for a fun filled evening of further fundraising for Bridin. In addition to music from Bluefood* and Lemon Dan (an actual band, with guitars! This rock and roll thing might actually catch on), I hosted a table quiz over the course of the evening. When crafting questions for the quiz, I was driven by the belief that if the questions were easy and people got them wrong, they would feel stupid; However if the questions were ridiculous, and they got them wrong, they could blame me and feel morally superior. As the object of the evening was to part them from as much cash as possible I felt it was better to have them feel smug than stupid, so I went for option (B). The night culminated in a raffle in which I was divested of both a funky motion-controlled light and my Nintendo DS. While this was not quite enough of a divestiture to achieve any form of enlightenment (passing or otherwise), it was a step in the right direction and possibly made up for the karmic trauma caused by some of my quiz questions. All in all over €1,300 was raised on the night, and a good time was had by all.

All in all a great way to bring the year to a close.

* Bluefood shown above with Isolde, shortly before their triumphant joint-victory in the table quiz at the Bernard Shaw. Their team of four also consisted of The Very Understanding Girlfriend who shockingly got many of the questions wrong, leading me to believe that we should never, ever appear on any gameshow that relies on couples having the same recollection of shared events.


At 10:54 pm, Blogger Ebauche said...

Well finally I found you.. had to use quite a few search terms before I found you.. there are a lot of David Johnson's in the world.

I'll link you in my blog now and hopefully start writing again.. it's been a dead month.


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