26 January 2007

NT-Hell's Bells

I got home last night and sitting on the table was a direct mail piece from NT-Hell inviting me to connect to their digital TV service. Mailed to 'the Householder' at my address. The address that they haven't been able to find for 6 months.

So I phoned up the special number and spoke to a lovely person, very helpful, who said yes, they did have my address in the system and they could have me set up in a day or two. "Hurray!", I shouted, and then I made a critical error. I said that I had a digital box already so the engineer wouldn't need to bring one.

Oops - that means that I am an existing customer so I can't avail of the quick installation service, and in fact the person I was speaking to can't set me up, so she transferred me to Customer Service. Fifteen minutes of hold music later I am told that yes, they can set me up but it will take at least two weeks because it is a transfer of service, which is handled by a different department. I couldn't believe it, I said that a minute ago they were saying a few days, why does it take longer now. I was told that the fast service is only for new customers! I explained that I have been waiting 6 months now to be transferred, did it really have to take another two weeks? The rep asked why didn't I just disconnect 6 months ago - I almost threw the phone out the window! I explained that at the time I didn't realise it was going to take 6 months to get set up! No offer of apology, no offer to credit me for six months worth of charges for a service I have not had, just a rude rep telling me that it was all my fault, and wasn't I a bit stupid really!

Oh, and apparently they don't have broadband in my area. Which they weren't able to tell me at any stage over the last six months because they couldn't find my address in their system.

All I wanted was broadband.

I am now a broken man.


At 3:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can sympathize - we had a similar run around - though our was hampered by our location. Admittedly we do live in a small town 10 miles from the nearest city... but to be told by a rep. from a now defunct telecoms company "if you wanted broadband, would you not, loike, have bought a house in the city, loike"

we signed up to phone & broadband with said "intelligent" telecom on the promise of a cheap phone/broadband bundle, only to be informed that broadband would be at least 6 months off and in the mean time our phone would be billed at non-bundle (ie. expensive) rates. lovely.

luckily we hop, skipped and jumped ship to the only reliable provider of broadband in our little provincial backwater - the good people at snare-com (so named because of the contracts they rope you in to) before the "intelligent" telecom went belly-up, so now we have phone and broadband - but at a rather large price.

still it works - and for that we'll pay happily. until something better comes along.


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