10 December 2006

Wii hold these truths to be self-evident.

Sometimes its hard to be a blogger, for in addition to the challenges of coming up with interesting content for each posting, there is the equally challenging task of coming up with original titles for each post. This posting is a perfect case in point. I wanted to write about the Nintendo Wii, which I picked up on Saturday (Having prebooked it, I was actually invited to a special midnight opening of the store on Thursday night/Friday morning to pick it up, but luckily fate intervened and saved me from being a complete no-lifer by sending me on a business trip to London on Thursday and Friday), and now I feel that I cannot.

The Wii is probably the most fun console experience I am ever likely to have, as at my age it is getting increasingly difficult to justify the purchase of such items without having to resort to lying to the sales droid about non-existent children. As I did not go to the special opening night for special people, my choice of games was limited, so I have not had a chance to play Zelda yet. However from the experience of playing Wii Sports, especially the Tennis game, I feel justified in saying that this is really the most amazing gaming experience I have had. This is not a system for couch potatoes, no indeed. The Very Understanding Girlfriend and I cleared a space on the floor, hooked the Wii up to the projector, and played the best game of Tennis I have ever had (possibly the only game of tennis I have ever had, but I'm sure that the real thing comes very close to this). You feel compelled to jump for each shot as you wave your Wiimote (the controller) like a tennis racket handle, the action on the screen controlled by how fast and in what direction you swing. If the sword-swinging experience of Zelda is as energetic as the Tennis is, I might be in danger of losing a pound or two this winter.

My complaint is about its name. The Wii. Pronounced "Wee". Very funny. Part of the joy for me of blogging is coming up with a humorous and yet apt title for each post, the more challenging the better. Nintendo have made this too easy, as a quick perusal of the weekend papers confirms. The favorite article headline appears to be "Wii will rock you", which I'm sure took all of 30 seconds to compose. How about, "Wii are the champions, my friend"?, or "Wii'll meet again", or maybe "I can't wait (for the Wiikend to begin)". No style, no finesse, no imagination. Pure hackery. It almost takes the joy out of playing the game.


(Note - Cthulhu shown for illustrative purposes only. Nintendo does not condone the dark arts. Any resemblance to the DunWiich Horror is purely coincidental)


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