01 December 2006

C'mon everybody, we got quilting to do

Today is World Aids Day. Although this is not a subject that should only be highlighted once a year (like trees, or presidents), it is definitely worth taking a moment today to reflect on what each and everyone of us can be doing to make the situation better.

One initiative is (product)RED, where a group of mainstream brand names have come together to highlight Aids and divert a portion of their revenue to help fund the fight. While I do not normally voice any support for groups like American Express or the Gap, the only way to get people involved, as the Very Understanding Girlfriend often says, is to make it as easy or easier to do so than the alternative. So if you are going to by an iPod for Christmas, why not get a (product)RED Nano and do a little good at the same time.

It's what Bono would want you to do.


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