12 December 2006

The Top Ten ways in which I intend to divest myself of all materialism

Well, only really one way so far.

A good friend of mine, Bridin, works with children with intellectual disabilities with St John of God's, and as part of her work is going to Malawi in January (the 13th until the 28th) primarily to bring over money and equipment for people with intellectual disabilities there. Part of the plan is to help set up home based clinics in the countryside, helping the families to essentially help themselves. To do this she needs to raise a load of money, at least €5,000. To help her in this endeavor a group of us are organizing a few events over the festive season. One plan is to donate any money raised from our festive swim at the 40 Foot this year to her trip. The swim last year was great fun, really cold but a great way to spend Christmas day, so anyone interested in sponsoring us, or coming along and swimming themselves should drop me a line (That's us in the yellow shirts in the picture above, and you can tell by the look on everybody's face just how mild and pleasant a day it was...)

The other way we are going to raise some money is by having a gig, an art exhibition, and a raffle at the Bernard Shaw, Portobello on the 28th of December. This is a great venue with a pool table in the beer garden, gallery space on the walls, and a great sound system where Unkie Dave will be spinning a little Yuletide happiness (it also has free WiFi, unheard of in this city, so we might just be forced to webcast the evening's events!). Art on exhibition that night will also be available to buy, but as I have the soul of a painter and the manual dexterity of a walrus I am making my contributions in other ways. Sheridan's, the best cheese shop in the country, has donated a big hamper for the raffle, and I will be using this as an occasion to divest myself of my worldly goods. Yup, that's right, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to win Unkie Dave's stuff. First on the list is a brand new, never-really-been-used Nintendo DS (White), with a few games. Also on the list is a brand new still-in-the-box Mathmos AirSwitch motion activated light. More will be added as we get closer to the day and I get more guilty over the un-zenlike nature of my consumption over the course of the year.

As we get closer to the event I will post more info, and links to where you can pledge money, goods or services to help in this worthy cause.


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