11 September 2006

Brewing up a Storm

Just came back from an amazing event at the Fringe Festival. Entitled "Storm in a Teacup", it was a five-minute audio composition created from samples of the artist's (now) 19 day old son's heartbeat when he was in the womb, listened to through earphones embedded in two tea-cups. The cups were made by the mother of the composer's partner, and his other son helped to solder all the pieces together. Taking place in a cake shop, lit by candlelight, it was actually pretty moving.

The Dublin Fringe can often be a showcase for all that I abhor, a mish-mash of interpretive dance carried out by practitioners of obscure avant-garde Japanese mime. This year, however, there are quite a few things that I'm going to try and check out. Tonight's performance was great, but unfortunately is a one-night only set-up. If you fancy something different, try and snag some art from up n'coming folks via the Vending Machine Project in the Project Arts Centre, Crawdaddy or most amazingly, Connoly Station.

Taking art to the masses, one platform at a time.


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