22 September 2006

In the year 5767

Tonight is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, in fact it is now the year 5767. Writing about Nepal made me realise that we arrived in Kathmandu on Rosh Hashanah eight years ago. How did we know this? Well Nepal is in fact full of Israelis, it's a very popular destination for folks when they finish their initial military service, and in fact if you are European-looking in Nepal you will often assumed to be Israeli.

Ironically Nepal was one of the countries along with Ireland that participated in UNIFIL (which for many years was the sole reason we had an army, think of it as a state sponsored subsidy program for white paint manufacturers), which no doubt has led to some very entertaining conversations between Nepali guides and Israeli rafters reminiscing about old times around the campfire.

Happy New Year!


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